According to the current economic conjuncture, the Low-Cost concept is increasingly present in the daily lives of consumers and is a synonymous of enjoyment throughout society by creating the concept Dealer-Chic that makes subsist the pride of purchase products of great quality at reduced prices. To respond to this phenomenon, Maletti launched Salon Italy, a Low-Cost line that presents a very attractive design that breathes art and splendor in a categorical execution of each piece.   Salon Italy seems to be the “concept” of today. Its creation emerged on a perspective of expansion through product excellence with accessibility inherent to the Low-Cost ideology.   The result of this line is presented in a catalog of furniture worthy of distinction not only by the design that features, as well as for the technical execution, quality, functionality and ergonomics available at extremely competitive prices. For further information visit us in our international website:   Are you looking for equipment for your professional salon? We have several solutions that can help you taking the right decision. We have a team of designers and architects that design the best interior/ exterior decoration solution for your salon making it unique. We are ready to satisfy your expectations with all the professionalism and dedication that you deserve. Contact us and we’ll have the perfect solution for you and your business.